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At Run Propane our mission is to help the public convert to alternative fuel use without sacrificing power.

With today's high fuel cost alternative fuels such as propane offer lower fuel costs and increased engine life.

Our conversion kits will help you join the Green Movement while also saving money.
Introducing a simple and safe system to easily upgrade existing equipment and vehicles to run on propane LPG while maintaining usability and performance. The Green Kit will convert small engines, 1-45 hp, to run on propane and gas. For truck, car and machinery, gas or diesel upgrades contact us directly. These will also be dual-fuel systems.
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Consumer alert:
What your congressman does not want you to know
“The corn-based ethanol requirement in the Renewable Fuel Standard poses risks to consumers' small-engine equipment,” said Outdoor Power Equipment Institute President Kris Kiser at a National Journal forum. Kiser's statement followed Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vt., calling the corn-based ethanol requirement a burden to consumers

East Coast gas lines represent yet another great reason to upgrade to bi-fuel propane gas.  
  • Propane is the most readily available and viable alternative to gasoline. This means lower and more stable fuel costs than gas.
  • Small engines running on our propane conversion systems have been proven to have 80% cleaner emissions.
  • Increased engine life, no more gummed up carburetors.
  • Easy Starting.
  • Extended run time with extended fuel capacity.
  • Propane powered engines can be run on ozone action days when other engines can
  • Easy to install upgrades
  • Vehicles can benifit from our aftermarket Upgrade for your vehicle that feature a world class patented system to power your fleet.
For a New York Dealer / Installation Call Bay Generators 631-708-9491. Please make sure to reference Run Propane when you call.
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